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ECOR is an extremely strong, versatile and sustainable alternative to wood, composites, aluminum and plastic.

100% non-toxic and recycled.

ECOR is completely free of toxins and VOCs, and is made from up to 100% recycled content. Our products are USDA certified 100% biobased and can contribute to several LEED credits.

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Advanced design and performance.

ECOR can be engineered to have
3-4 times the strength-to-weight ratio of conventional panels, and is easily curved and formed into a virtually limitless number of unique shapes.

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Customers of all kinds.

ECOR has been specified as a preferred material by top A&D firms, major brands and Fortune 500 companies around the world for products ranging from displays and furniture to consumer products and building materials.

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Simple, clean manufacturing.

ECOR is made with water, fiber, pressure and heat – we don’t use any additives in our manufacturing process, we recover and reuse 99% of our water, and our factories are designed to have zero impact.

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The ECOR Story


ECOR comes in many different forms

Our complete offering of ECOR products includes unique fiber contents, beautiful finishes and custom shapes.

ECOR panels can be made with a wide variety of cellulose fibers sourced from urban, farm and forest waste materials.

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ECOR panels are easily printed, laminated, laser-etched, painted, coated and treated for water resistance.


ECOR is a highly versatile material; it can be curved and engineered to create myriad 3-dimensional shapes and forms.

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ECOR is an ideal material for a wide variety of applications

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How Do I Get ECOR?

National distribution is coming soon, but you can get started with ECOR right now.